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When you’re facing a legal issue, it’s important to have a skilled Elkhart attorney by your side who can handle your case with your best interests in mind. At Wilson & Kinsman LLC, our experienced Michiana attorneys are committed to providing quality legal representation in Elkhart, Michiana, South Bend, Goshen, and neighboring counties in Indiana. Do you want to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your situation? Contact our compassionate Elkhart attorneys for a personalized case evaluation.

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Our Goshen attorneys have the knowledge and experience to address and resolve your legal concerns. Schedule a case evaluation with our Indiana criminal defense and personal injury law firm today.

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If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Indiana or has been injured because of another individual’s recklessness, you need someone on your side. Our attorneys from Elkhart Indiana represent a limited number of clients to ensure you will get the utmost attention for your case, whether it involves a motor vehicle accident, slip or fall, domestic violence, drunk driving, wrongful death, drug charges, or expungement of records. Contact our South Bend personal injury and Goshen criminal defense lawyers today!

Car, Truck, and Bike Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents
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Car, Truck, and Bike Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents
Wrongful Death
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Charged with a criminal offense?

It’s difficult to face a criminal offense on your own. At Wilson & Kinsman, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting you. Call our office to start building a strong defense for your case today.

Why Choose Our Elkhart & South Bend Indiana Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys?

If you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim, or if you are facing a criminal charge, there are a number of critical steps that need to be taken immediately to get fair compensation and achieve the best defense possible. The State of Indiana, through the police department and the prosecutor, moves quickly to gather incriminating evidence against you in criminal defense cases. Before the wheels of justice roll you over, contact our Elkhart lawyers from Wilson & Kinsman LLC to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney. We are here to help you! There is no risk to you at all in setting up an Initial Consultation. Everything we discuss will be strictly confidential. In fact, no one will even know we met to discuss your case. Call today for a case evaluation with an Elkhart attorney!

Our Elkhart Lawyers Serve Clients Throughout Indiana

Our personal injury and criminal defense attorneys from Wilson & Kinsman, LLC are ready to serve clients throughout Indiana. We listen to you first, plan next, and set goals with your concerns in mind. Our Elkhart attorneys are licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana, including:

Do not gamble while your freedom is at stake. A serious criminal charge can have a defendant fighting for his freedom, and a serious injury can compromise the quality of your life.

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