Attorney Eric Kinsman attended Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana, and earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree from DePaul University School of Law, Chicago Illinois. Each year he participates in seminars and advanced courses focusing on current issues in Criminal Law and Practice.

Attorney Kinsman’s private law practice focuses primarily on defending persons charged with violating Indiana’s criminal law as well as clearing their name by seeking relief under Indiana’s Expungement statute.

Elkhart attorney Eric Kinsman

Elkhart Criminal Defense attorney Eric Kinsman says, “Whenever possible, I believe in an aggressive defense aimed at obtaining a dismissal or reduction of the charge. When appropriate, I will challenge the admissibility of evidence and the truthfulness of witnesses through pre-trial motions and hearings. Outright victory is never impossible; however, certain cases warrant aggressive negotiation. In every case, I work to build the strongest defense possible, designed to protect your rights, preserve your freedom and obtain the best result.

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A man of utmost integrity

Tom is very kind and personable. He is a great attorney to work for and work with. He is a man of the utmost integrity and is forthright in his practice. I would confidently recommend his legal services to any person I cared about.

Kayla Christofeno

Honest and professional

I was charged with an OWI in Elkhart County and Eric was my first call. He was very helpful and personable throughout the entire process. I certainly appreciated his honesty and professionalism. Eric is definitely well experienced in handling these matters. Thanks to his help and guidance, we were able to have all of our necessary steps done before going to court that helped to retain driving privileges. The judge even remarked at how well the case had been managed during the hearing. With Eric’s help, I was able to obtain specialized driving privileges very promptly. I am still able to tend to my life’s responsibilities and my work. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone else needing help with OWI/DUI charges.