Deceit, lying, scamming, and other untruthful acts are frequently associated with the term fraud. Although facing fraud charges is a completely different landscape, this fundamental idea is true. If you are currently facing fraud charges, an Indiana fraud defense attorney can provide you with in-depth criminal law knowledge. 

The deliberate deception of another person is called fraud. Any kind of deception, from making false statements to abusing authority or position, can be considered fraud. This can go from negligible robbery to additional serious wrongdoings, including middle-class violations like protection misrepresentation and bank extortion.

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Fraud is a serious offense that can lead to criminal charges, fines, and jail time. In addition to facing potential jail time, fraud charges can also result in serious consequences for your professional reputation. If you are being accused of committing fraud and you want to defend yourself, it is important that you contact an Indiana fraud defense attorney from Wilson and Kinsman, LLC who will be able to help you get through the process and help you understand your criminal case.

At Wilson and Kinsman, LLC, our attorney is dedicated to helping clients facing criminal charges for fraud. Our law office’s criminal defense attorney knows the court system inside and out and will work hard to find a solution that works for you. Our law office has extensive experience defending against fraud charges throughout Indiana, including Elkhart, Goshen, South Bend, Michigan, and other surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment right now with our Indiana fraud defense attorney!

Why do I need an Indiana Fraud Defense Attorney?

If you are facing fraud charges, it can be terrifying and confusing to stand a court trial on your own. This is why it is important to get in touch with an Indiana fraud defense attorney from Wilson and Kinsman, LLC. Our attorney can guide you throughout the process and inform you of your rights. We can also craft the best defenses for your situation that will help you get a better outcome than expected. 

Our law firm has been providing legal services to clients in Indiana for over 50 years. Our criminal defense lawyer is committed to:

  • Providing clients with personalized assistance during their time of need. We work hard to make sure that each client feels comfortable when speaking with us about their case. 
  • Our legal team listens to you first, plans a strategy, and sets goals with your concerns as the priority. 
  • Our criminal defense attorney will provide you with sound legal guidance that’ll help you better understand your case.

If you are facing fraud charges, remember that even as a defendant, you still have your rights. An Indiana fraud defense attorney can help you understand these along with the ins and outs of your case. With over 50 years of experience in the Elkhart, Michiana, South Bend, and Goshen areas, our lawyers are unquestionably highly regarded for their ability to assist clients in achieving desired outcomes. 

Now is the time to make an appointment, call our Indiana criminal defense attorney right now! 

What is Fraud?

The intentional deception used to obtain something of value, typically money is referred to as fraud. Fraud is committed through the use of misleading statements, misrepresentations, or dishonest behavior with the intention of deceiving or misleading others. The criminal and civil penalties for fraud, as well as some examples of fraud, are vast and require understanding, especially if you are facing these charges. 

Before figuring out your next step, the first step to take is to reach out to an attorney from Wilson and Kinsman, LLC. An Indiana fraud defense attorney will explain your case to you in terms you can better understand and guide you toward a better outcome. 

What Are the Types of Fraud?

Fraud categories span type from type and there are far too many to list down. There are some that have been around ever since and others that have evolved with time and technology. Here are the most commonly occurring types of fraud: 

  1. Mail Fraud. One of the most frequently brought federal charges is mail fraud. It applies to any fraud scheme involving delivery services or the US Postal Service. 
  2. Computer and Internet Fraud. Computer fraud includes hacking networks with the intention of defrauding someone. Changing or erasing records, and gaining access to financial information are some examples of fraud. Internet fraud and computer fraud occasionally collide. Identity theft, employment fraud, and financial fraud are some common forms of internet fraud.
  3. Forgery or Counterfeiting. Anyone who makes counterfeit goods, documents, or currency also commits fraud. State laws may also apply if you falsify personal documents such as birth certificates and licenses. Counterfeiting currency is a federal crime. Selling counterfeit goods is also considered a form of fraud.
  4. Credit Card Fraud. Obtaining, using, or forging a credit card in a fraudulent manner is another common type of fraud. This can happen in the event a server obtains your numbers during purchases and uses your credit card digits for other activities. Or when someone uses your cards after finding your wallet. In more sophisticated operations, hackers may be able to access your credit card information by getting you to pay for something or update your details on a fictitious website. 
  5. Medicare Fraud. The Department of Justice (DOJ) brought charges of healthcare fraud against 42 nurses and 100 other medical professionals in 2020. False charges for telehealth services resulted in fraud totaling more than one billion dollars. Millions of dollars were involved in illegal drug schemes like forged opioid prescriptions. COVID-19 fraud cost approximately $29 million.

If you are facing charges of fraud, know that seeking legal advice from an Indiana fraud defense attorney is the smartest thing to do. A defense attorney will plan and act according to your best interest. 

What Makes a Fraud Charge? 

Prosecutors are required to demonstrate fraud “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a criminal context. That is, guilt is established, the facts are established, and the evidence is sufficient. Compared to a civil case, this has a higher degree of certainty, and if found guilty, the penalties are harsher.

In order to obtain a conviction, the prosecutor must demonstrate the following:

  • The victim suffered (or could have suffered) an actual loss as a result of the fraudulent activity. 
  • There was an intention to deprive the victim of something, usually money. 
  • There was a purposeful deception (a false statement, a misrepresentation of an important fact).

What are the Penalties for Fraud?

The serious possibility of a jail or prison sentence comes with a fraud conviction. A misdemeanor conviction can result in up to a year in a local jail, whereas a felony conviction can result in multiple years in prison, though sentences vary widely. Ten years or more in federal prison are possible outcomes of federal charges. 

Judges typically consider the nature of the current offense, the defendant’s criminal history, and the relevant public safety interests when determining the appropriate sentence. A sentence of probation can also be imposed by a court. If the offense was minor, a first-time occurrence, or involved mitigating circumstances, a probation sentence will be more likely.

As with incarceration sentences, fines for fraud convictions can vary significantly based on the circumstances of the case. While felony convictions can result in fines of well over $10,000, misdemeanor violations typically carry fines of a few thousand dollars or less. The majority of fines are paid to the government.

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Fraud is a serious crime that can have a significant impact on your life. If you have been charged with fraud, you need to contact an Indiana fraud defense attorney who can help you through the process.

Fraud charges are often filed as a result of someone claiming that they have been defrauded by another individual. The criminal defense attorney at Wilson and Kinsman, LLC has extensive experience helping clients facing fraud charges by providing them with the necessary legal assistance throughout their cases.

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