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You’ve suffered a T-bone accident. Who do you call? Not just anyone. A trusted family friend, perhaps?

A car crash, T-bone accident, being sued, or being injured during an accident can be a true nightmare. It is a frightening experience, especially at the very moment it occurs.

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How do T-Bone Car Crashes Happen?

Side impact crashes (sometimes known as “t-bone” traffic accidents) may occur in various driving scenarios. Depending on the case, either the motorist who was broadsided or the driver who performed the broadsiding might be liable for the accident.

Here are a few things you should know straight away:

Because of the nature of these collisions: two automobiles colliding at (or near to) a 90-degree angle, T-bone accidents often result in significant injuries.

It is seldom simple to determine who was at blame in a side-impact automobile accident, and acquiring the necessary evidence is critical.

A lawyer on your side may make a significant difference in the outcome of an automobile accident injury claim resulting from a side-impact collision.

What are the Common Causes of T-Bone Injuries?

T-bone automobile accidents are often the result of a breach of right-of-way laws. Some of the most frequent right-of-way breaches that may lead to T-bone collisions are:

  • Obstructing the view of another motorist
  • Difficulty yielding
  • Red-light running 
  • Violent or reckless driving
  • Driving when high on drugs or alcohol

When the majority of T-Bone accidents happen at junctions or while turning, they may also occur on motorways or straightaways if one motorist loses control of their car and smashes into the side of another. T-Bone collisions may also occur in parking lots.

T-Bone Injury Damages

T-bone accidents may cause significant damage and injuries. T-bone accident victims should contact an attorney as soon as possible to submit an insurance claim. A legal company with expertise in managing side crashes can assist a victim in obtaining reimbursement for their losses.

A T-bone accident lawyer may help you get compensation for:

  • The most devastating and severe injuries are traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that result in amputations and paralysis.
  • Vehicle damage
  • Loss of future earnings, earning potential, and job opportunities
  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Service and care costs
  • Trauma and stress
  • Physical pain and suffering (e.g., neck and back pain)
  • Disability, scarring, and deformity
  • Loss of life pleasure, camaraderie, and intimacy
  • Wrongful death claims

In Broadside Accidents, Who is at Fault?

If there is a controlling traffic signal light and witnesses can tell who ran the red light or stopped the sign, the individual who failed to stop is at fault. However, when both parties claim green lights, and there are no witnesses, or when there is a 4-way stop, these cases often devolve into shouting matches, and a jury must decide blame. 

It is possible that one or both drivers may be found to be at fault in the end. It is critical that you call the police quickly and get a record showing that you had the right-of-way wherever feasible to avoid individuals from later altering their narrative and leaving you with no evidence otherwise.

Proving Fault in T- Bone Accidents

It All Begins With a Scene

The guidelines for a side-impact collision at the vehicle accident site are substantially the same as other automobile accidents. Call the police (who may make preliminary findings on who was at fault in a police report), exchange information with anybody involved in the collision, and refuse to concede culpability to the other motorist.

Collect Evidence

Speak with everyone who may have observed the collision, including other drivers who stopped, pedestrians, and anyone else. Inquire whether they are willing to make a statement and get their contact information.

Take photos of the accident site, showing the position of the cars on the road, any skid marks, vehicle debris, and vehicle damage. Any visual proof of the accident and how it occurred might be helpful.

Defects in Automobiles

A potential difficulty in side-impact crash cases arises when a malfunctioning element may have primarily contributed to the accident.

The second car may have run the red light because the driver lost control. Is it, however, the fault of:

  • the manufacturer, for developing a faulty vehicle component
  • the driver, for neglecting to seek regular maintenance 
  • or the shop that evaluated the brakes and advised no action?

Perhaps the injuries were severe because the crash snapped someone’s seatbelt or damaged the side impact airbags, preventing them from deploying. In this situation, you may wish to enlist the maker or repair business as parties who may share some blame for the accident or the severity of the subsequent injuries.

What to do After an Indiana T-Bone Accident?

The most crucial thing following an accident is to receive medical attention. Go to the hospital right away. Because of the adrenaline, you may not feel your injuries until the adrenaline wears off. It’s essential to get medical attention and concentrate on recovering. Calling 911 and having the police investigate and file a complaint is also critical.

After you’ve treated yourself, you’ll have to deal with insurers. Don’t sign any paperwork, releases, or authorizations, and don’t make any statements to the individual who caused the accident’s insurance company. Whatever you say to them will be used against you.

Take that leap to recovery. A T-bone accident attorney can help you.

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We help the accident victims gather proof that will be advantageous in proving that the person responsible for their injuries failed to drive safely and responsibly. 

Take the first step in making a difference and ease your worries. Schedule a consultation with one of our T-bone accident attorneys. You may be entitled to significant compensation for the injuries you obtained in the accident.

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