What to Do After Car Crashes

A good chunk of the personal injury cases that are regularly being filed stem from motor vehicle accidents. The umbrella term “auto accident” may refer to an automobile accident, a bus accident, a motorcycle accident, or a truck accident. Regardless of the size of the vehicles involved, however, those injured in the accident because of the negligence of another often have the right to pursue an accident claim for what they have gone through. This is true because the pain and suffering that one has to deal with may last years after the actual incident or even be permanent in nature.


More than the property damage, car accident victims have no choice but to deal with the traumatic and devastating effects of the incident, both physically and financially. Depending on the severity of the car accident injuries, medical expenses would pile up. As such, if you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, it is crucial to contact a reliable Elkhart personal injury lawyer. He or she can help explain the legal process of how to file a claim, pursuant to relevant injury and accident law.

What this article will focus on are things that one should do after a car accident. These include:

  • Seeking help from emergency personnel and the authorities
  • Getting in touch with reliable car accident lawyers as soon as possible
  • Documenting whatever you, or your companions, can
  • Looking for possible witnesses within the scene of the accident


Seek help from emergency personnel and the authorities

Elkhart personal injury lawyerIf you have been injured in a car accident, immediately seek medical attention. If you are able, dial 911. If possible, check or have someone check if anyone else sustained serious injury. After seeking the necessary first aid and medical treatment, call or have someone call the police and have a police report created. Make sure to include all relevant details. This report is necessary not only for one’s insurance claim but also to hold the responsible driver accountable. 


Document whatever you, or your companions, can

 Gather documentation of what happened. Takedown notes of how things went from your perspective. Write them down on paper or through your mobile phone. Most details can be difficult to remember afterward, especially when you would be needing to attend to your bodily injuries and the accompanying emotional distress. Take as many videos and photos as possible, since these would be extremely helpful for personal injury claims and reimbursement of medical bills. Once possible, furnish a copy of these to a trusted personal injury attorney who will handle your case.


Look for possible witnesses 

 Try to gather sufficient evidence at the scene of the crime. Whether or not a certain driver is at fault or not at fault greatly affects your chances of getting the most out of your personal injury claim (or eventual personal injury lawsuit, if such would be necessary). Because of this, try to look for possible witnesses at the scene of the accident. If you were the one injured in a car accident have someone with you look for other motorists or pedestrians. Make sure to write down their contact information, since their testimonials could be of great legal help as you try to seek compensation that you are rightfully entitled to.


Find a car accident lawyer

Car accidents often happen too quickly.  Victims often feel overwhelmed and disoriented right after the incident. However, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney promptly after getting involved in a motor vehicle accident. Other car accident cases become unsuccessful because filers were not well-informed about the statute of limitations and its corresponding implications. Recovering from serious injuries could take time, but deadlines are deadlines.


Personal injury attorneys with extensive experience in handling car accident cases will explain to you your legal rights and fight for you in court. They will provide legal representation and help you prepare the personal injury paperwork necessary for your car accident case. This is particularly crucial if the other party is insisting there was no fault when there was, in reality, negligence or carelessness from his or her end.


Hire A Personal Injury lawyer

To make the most out of your car accident lawsuit, it is best to be assisted by a car accident attorney with years or decades handling accident claims. An attorney experienced with personal injury law can help you with recovering compensatory damages. Additionally, a hands-on local attorney can communicate with the insurance company of the individual injured in an accident. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies are made the same and negotiating for your insurance claim is something that should be taken seriously.


Be it a car accident, a dog bite, a slip and fall, medical malpractice, or even nursing home abuse, it is important to hire the best lawyers for your personal injury case. Our professional team at Wilson and Kinsman LLC can help with matters related to recovery compensation and injury claims. ​Contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation.


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