The highway can be a dangerous place for even the safest of drivers. There are distracted teens who are texting while driving, reckless drivers speeding along, drunk party-goers driving under the influence. The pain and suffering caused by a motor vehicle accident can be devastating and far-reaching: costly medical bills, lost wages, traumatic injuries. Given the dangers of the road, you better know what to do if you’re ever in an auto accident. 

We’ll briefly discuss what you should do in the event of an automobile accident. If you’ve got more questions about your car accident claim, give our skilled Elkhart, Indiana personal injury lawyers a call. 

5 Things to Do After a Car Accident in Indiana

Don’t say sorry

Do not apologize to anyone under any circumstances after a car accident. If the other party or the police record your apology, they may use it in court to place liability of the accident onto you. Do not trust the other party to claim responsibility even if they’re the ones at fault. The apology, no matter how well-meaning, may cause you to lose out on compensation when you claim your insurance. 

Look around to see that everyone is safe from harm.

Do After an Indiana Car Crash After the car collision, you may be shocked and panicked. Do your best to calm down. If panic takes over, you cannot keep yourself and your loved ones safe. While the crash may be over, there may be a risk of further serious injuries. Assess your injury and check if the other accident victims are at risk and need immediate medical treatment. 

Tell your insurance company right away.

The longer you wait before contacting your insurance company, the higher the chances of your claim being denied. It’s best to talk to them while there are police officers present. The police can offer valid information, saving you time and money while waiting for your insurance claim. Keep your statements brief and stick only to the facts. The insurance companies are not your friend. They may use your statements to pin the blame on you, citing your “negligence,” and deny your claim. 

Gather information.

Take pictures and ask around. This date will help you with insurance and disputes about your claim. Once everyone’s safe, try to collect the following information: 

  • The information of the other driver (name, contact information);
  • The name of the other car’s owner, if it’s not the driver involved in a car accident;
  • Contact information of potential witnesses involved; and
  • Pictures of your car, the other party’s car, and the accident scene. Get as many angles as your phone can handle. 

Talk to an Elkhart personal injury lawyer immediately. 

There are many complicated laws surrounding crashes and car accidents. An error in your statement can cost you compensation and your insurance. It’s best to have a practitioner of personal injury law as your legal representation to help you navigate this precarious situation. An experienced car accident lawyer will talk to your insurance companies and fight for you to get the medical treatment and compensation you rightly deserve.  

Final Thoughts

Our personal injury attorneys at Wilson & Kinsman LLC have years of experience dealing with car accident cases. We know how difficult life can be after an accident. You’d be coping with outrageous medical expenses, traumatic bodily injury, and possibly the loss of a loved one all while dealing with court procedure and insurance companies. 

Get an accident attorney to help you pursue damages, deal with insurance, and get you proper medical help. Call our Elkhart office now for a free consultation and case evaluation!

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